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Cheap Log Cabins Kits by Cheaper Log Cabins

Cheap Log Cabin Kits
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Quality Cheap Log Cabin Kits

cheap log cabin kits
Searching for quality cheap log cabin kits, but unsure about where to find them? There are many options on the market, but only one source that is able to deliver them in a manner that is both professional and aesthetically pleasing. Cheaper Log Cabins is a professional service that is able to guarantee the finest log cabin kits on the market to clients that want something unique and beautiful. This is a service we have provided for countless years and understand the importance of quality materials, courteous customer service, and effective results.

Spacious & Cheap Log Cabin Kits

These cheap log cabin kits are all about space. One is able to find a log cabin that is spacious from the inside and can hold everything that one plans on storing inside it.

The days of tight, bulky cabins that serve minimal purpose besides being an eyesore are long gone. It is all about these sleek, high-quality options that look great and work even better. These log cabins will provide the desired storage space for property owners that want something unique and meaningful placed in their garden. These designs are assured to provide the requisite space to store everything one desires to put in there ... and then some.

Materials Used In Our Cheap Cabin Kits

The wood that is being purchased can make all of the difference. This is why these log cabin kits are better than anything else on the market at the moment. They are able to provide all the benefits of an expensive log cabin without wasting as much raw materials.Those raw materials are what end up driving up the prices, but with this efficient design, the same job can be done for less.

In contemporary times, this has become imperative for those who want to see quality results from their log cabins when nothing less is acceptable.


In these times of hardship, it has become imperative to remain under budget at all times. Instead of wasting money on something that is clunky and does not have enough space, these log cabins kits are able to provide the desired results at lower prices.

Ours is a flexible service that is willing to go the extra mile to provide log cabins that are worth one's time and money. Our log cabin experts are always willing to work with clients in finding prices that are meaningful, while making sure the quality does not diminish. This is a service that cares about its customers and wants to make sure the log cabins are of the highest quality upon purchase.

Cheap Log Cabin Kit Details

All of the work is in the details and this is what separates this service from anything else on the market. The details involve the flooring, the width of the wood, the overall design, and just the aesthetic appearance of the log cabins.

All of these factors are taken into account before theses log cabins kits are constructed and installed (if required) on behalf of the client. This is done to ensure everything is as desired from the moment the purchase has been made to the moment the log cabin has been put up. Anything less than this is deemed unacceptable by us.


As these log cabins are going to be present in full view within your garden, it is essential to make sure they look wonderful.

These log cabin kits are not only designed to serve a storing purpose, but to make sure they look great while doing it too. It does not get better than this for those who want to get log cabins that are eye candy for one and all. The days of ugly log cabins are long gone and these designs are made in accordance with client demands and industry standards.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Budget Log Cabins: A Great Way To Reclaim More Space

Budget Log Cabins From LogCabins LV

Supplied & Installed By Cheaper Log Cabins

cheap log cabins

Many of us are in search of more space.  Collecting stuff can be fun when out purchasing a "must have" item; however, eventually you need to find a place to put it.  If you are like many families in the United Kingdom, your garage or attic could be increasingly stuffed full of valued items looking for a home.  On the other hand, perhaps you are just looking for some more space to have your own private area where you can be alone and concentrate on one or more hobbies.  Either way, budget log cabins could provide you with the extra space you are looking for.

Log cabins do not have to be huge buildings meant for housing an entire family.  You can construct a small one which can be placed prominently somewhere in your garden.  These cabins are great for showing off to the neighbours.   Unlike some of the pre-built storage sheds that look like plastic sold by the bigger stores, log cabins have character.  They make a statement that aesthetics are important to you and that you have taste.

economy log cabins
However, these big shops sell the cheap looking storage sheds for a reason.  The price of wood has gone up dramatically over the years, and it costs a lot of money for high quality construction.  Some might be satisfied to go with the inferior product.  However, that is not the only option.  At Cheaper Log Cabins you can purchase budget log cabins that give you the nice aesthetic look and quality that you want, without making you take out a second mortgage to fund the project.

The experts at Cheaper Log Cabins understand the costs associated with quality construction.  They have designed model cabins which make as little use of expensive raw materials as possible, while still supplying the quality you would expect in a serious log cabin design.  They have reduced the thickness of the walls and the floors so that the amount of wood required is minimal, while still providing the purchaser with a product that will make their friends with cheap sheds jealous.

budget log cabin
The base design of our budget log cabins consists of a floor footprint of 3.0 meters by 3.0 meters.  This is plenty of space to fit in the average lawn, while still allowing a good amount of space for storage or to use for other activities.  The wall thickness is 40 mm while the roof and floors measure in at 19 mm thick each.  The roof slopes upward at an angle so that the walls have a height of 2.0 meters while the center of the structure reaches 2.5 meters to the apex of the roof.  In order to provide shading to the front door area, an overhang extends from the roof in front of the structure on some of the buildings.

These log cabins provides plenty of quality lighting. There is a window in the door itself as well as to the side of the front on most models.  There is also a window on the side of the cabin if required on other models. These structures are 100% planning compliant, so you do not need to worry about the outbuilding being approved.   The kit comes with several extra side logs as well as 2 extra roof and floor boards to aid in construction.  Everything you need to complete the log cabin is included in our kit which you can get at budget prices

Space is at a premium these days, and budget log cabins are a great way of finding the extra room you need without breaking the bank.  Call Us at Cheap Log Cabins today to add a quality yet affordable log cabin to your property.